Posted on December 5, 2008


My teddy bear.

My teddy bear.

My desire to collate all my blogs into one gathered speed after watching my not-so-little Toby grow up this year. This is something you will find me saying a lot of, but 2008 has been an extremely difficult year for Michele and I. Realistically, it was impossible to keep up with the monthly antics of Toby and other ‘not so’ important stuff as our energies were depleted just trying to get by with (almost) a single income, moving into our home, doing it up and wondering when the next bill will arrive. People (friends inclusive) do not realise just how hard it is for foreigners moving into a new country, struggling to adapt and adjust, while putting up with the bureaucracy of the new country’s government policies.

Evidently with my pounding away at my keyboard, I can finally retreat to my little enclave and get back to what I (used to) do best- sitting in front of the computer, blogging away and not worry too much about bills. It’s funny how certain things take precedence in life after a certain level of satisfaction at the base level has been fulfilled. Yes, you are right, geeky me is thinking the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. Yet, just a few months ago, the most important thing in my family’s mind was not framing a moment of our lives (such as The Marching Jester), but wondering how we could pay the next bill off.

All this time, our little friend has been our trusty steed, our loyal friend, our furry mascot and our tiny inspiration of hope. Toby is completely oblivious to the crux of the domestic matters and plays no part at all in our decision-making. If there has been a year where a pet’s companionship truly shone, it is 2008 for this particular family.

It feels great coming home to someone who is genuinely excited to see you. There is nothing more comforting and heartfelt than the excited barks, wags and the little dance he makes when he smells or hears our arrival. It is unpretentious and there are no misgivings about it. Toby is uncorrupted and untainted by society’s ills and vices. A little child greeting you would feel the same way too, but children grow older, become more worldly and ultimately lose the beauty that is their innocence. Toby has that innocence.

Here’s to you Toby. And Daddy promises to highlight your life more often.

Daddy loves you.