Travelling With Pets – Blah!

Posted on December 10, 2008


From caravan parks and cottages to luxury resorts, tourism operators are recognising demand for pet-inclusive travel. If you have already booked your accommodation and did not book an outwardly pet-friendly property, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

While many accommodation providers will not take pets under any circumstances, some are willing to take them on a case-by-case basis, depending on their size and the type of property you are staying in.

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How not to carry Toby around. Or any dog for that matter.

How not to carry Toby around. Or any dog for that matter.

Ironically, the country with one of the world’s highest rates of pet ownership (64% as of 2006) is notoriously difficult, vague on dog laws and even slow to cater to the demands of pet owners. Because I am handicapped by my crippling disability (to drive that is), I travel everywhere by public transport. And more often than not, Toby travels with me as he sits comfortably in his carry bag (he’s got three).

Now people are not blind. It’s easy to spot a bloke walking with a dog ‘strapped’ next to him. People by nature love adorable and furry things, so Toby (not I) get a lot of attention from women, dog lovers, friendly couples or just curious people. Fair enough. Power to you.

Most public transport officials – hell bent on finding an easy target to meet their quota on fare evaders – would usually swarm upon me as I look like an International Student. With Toby by my side however, they give us a funny look, check my ticket and wave me by.

The only pet law I have seen on Yarra Trams’ ‘rules and regulations handbook’ suggests I am right in transporting Toby. However, on two occasions, I was denied entry into the tram because of well, Toby. Both times, the tram driver told me to get off the moment they spied me getting on with my teddy bear. Well, I learnt fast and these days I just get on the tram from the back. Screw you anti-dog tram drivers. Did you pass your knowledge test before starting your $55,000 job?

And honestly, paying $510 for a labrador is ridiculous. Daylight robbery. Extortion. Call it whatever you want, only a dingbat would pay that much. For that price, isn’t the owner better off driving from Sydney to Brisbane? It really isn’t that far.