When it rains…

Posted on December 14, 2008


…Toby suffers the most.

It has been a very unseasonably wet and cold December, and what with the rain drenching Victoria’s parched lands, most Victorians are doing a little jig. Well who’s complaining when our water reserves are topped up, the farmers have enough water for another batch of crop or livestock, and most keep themselves busy at home, working on small projects they’d have put aside for the colder months.

Our little furry friend however, has not been taken for a walk for almost five days, and hasn’t had a proper sniff of our back yard. For the last 72 hours, Toby’s been cooped up at home and only allowed outside 3-4 times a day for his regular pee and poop. Toby – being 3/4 poodle – has beautiful hair that requires regular maintenance and grooming which takes up a fair bit of time each day. Constant wetting and muddy paws just makes for extra cleaning. As much as we love Toby, a line has to be drawn when it comes to complete devotion.

You’ll be alright boy. It’s summer. Surely it can’t be raining for too much longer. Daddy will take you out on our regular run soon.