Toby Goes To The Vet

Posted on December 16, 2008


It’s been a long time coming, but Daddy and Mummy finally took me to the vet!

I’m somewhat overdue with my annual C5 vaccination – my last shot was in October 2007 – and Daddy has been getting into fits, putting extra money aside for me to visit the vet. It has not been easy this year and Daddy always tells me about it. I reckon I could write a book on all the grievances, funny stories and strange moments he tells me about!

When Daddy takes me on trips, he puts me in a large carry bag that never ceases to amuse me. It just got me worked up because the trip to the vet was the first time I’ve been taken out in a week!. Daddy and Mummy weren’t too pleased with my incessant whining and squirming. Just let me out of the bag! I wana walk!

Dr Susannah Munro’s such a kind spirit. I think anyone who earns a living taking care of animals should be given a badge. A big Toby badge. While I wasn’t too sure what she was doing to me, the big smile on Daddy’s and Mummy’s face said it all. She was stretching my limbs, prodding my body and checking my teeth – all very familiar to me as Daddy and Mummy regularly feel my body for any fleas, mattes, lumps and brush my teeth. I had several needles pushed into me, but I didn’t feel a thing because Dr Munro, Daddy and Mummy were fussing all over me. Did I mention Dr Munro liked how soft I felt? I think I’ve got an admirer!

As an added precaution – chiefly due to the two months delay since my last vaccination – Daddy also allowed a heartworm test and treatment performed on me. The procedure isn’t necessary had Daddy brought me to the vet in October but Dr Munro strongly suggested I had the test done as the Lost Dogs’ Home doesn’t stock Revolution (what I’ve always used) and prefers Advocate. Between missing the annual jab and a new brand of monthly treatments, nothing was left to chance. Nobody wanted me to suffer an allergic reaction!