While Most People Revel In The Festivities…

Posted on December 24, 2008


Toby wishes everyone a Blessed Christmas. Woof!

Toby wishes everyone a Blessed Christmas. Woof!

…I’m back in the graveyard shifts, clocking in the hours.

It’s Christmas Eve today. The girls’ parents (also my in-laws) have settled very comfortably in my home. In the last week we’ve brought them around the West, showing them a little bit of real suburban life. Regular trips to the local market, where fresh produce can be purchased for a fraction of the price clueless urbanites pay for in the Safeways and Coles. We’ve taken them around our neighbourhood, where they oohed and aahed at the quiet streets, big houses and beautiful flowers as they they come into summer bloom. It culminated with a massive shopping spree at Knifepoint Shopping Centre where the family saw first hand how out of control Michele can be when she has her fiance’s *ahem* card in her hands. Boo, are you going to return the money? We need to pay our bills ya know…

Speaking of money, I’ve been rostered on to work over this festive period. A good mate of mine joked that Michele’s working me too hard. I’m looking at Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Not for the faint hearted. But I’m not complaining. Being out of work due to silly foreigner visa restrictions for the most part of 2008 has built a sense of purpose in me. In fact, I’m like a custom built android sent back through time whose sole purpose is to earn enough money so there’s enough in our wedding funds. With only four months to play catch up, every fortnight pay couldn’t come fast enough.

Later in the day Michele and I are heading to Escape Travel to finalise our honeymoon err, plans. We had every good intention to witness the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan in June, and had even spent some time looking for Japanese guide books to read up on. Of course, no one told us about the economy crunch. Now, the Australian dollar is a joke. Even the Singapore dollar eats the Aussie dollar for breakfast. Completely unheard of when the Aussie dollar was at a high of almost S$1.40 to A$1.00 in early 2008 and it was a few cents short of being on par with the American dollar.

We’ll come back in the early evening to a family meal with some close friends in tow, before leaving quietly for work on a free train ride.

I’ll leave home with the sounds of Christmas carols, singing (my father-in-law’s a very good guitarist/singer) and a stomach stuffed full with Christmas goodies.

To all Christians out there, non-Christians who appreciate a good Christmas cheer and non-Christians who hate the Cross and everything it represents, have a Merry Christmas. May our families be blessed.