Ball + Park = Wet?

Posted on December 26, 2008


PhotobucketHello! It’s been a week since Daddy’s talked about me in great furry detail so over a quick dinner yesterday I voiced my grievances by leaving a wet poop next to his clean laundry. I think Daddy got the hint!

Daddy’s decided to catch up with images of myself since he went AFK with my blog in winter this year.

We found a new park to visit regularly; one that would satisfy my burning desire to chase birds (I do that at home all the time) and the other to play fetch in a BIG playground.

The first time we were there, I discovered a new type of bird. Daddy calls them ‘ducks and geese’ but to me they’re all birds! These birds were floating on water and I was very intrigued by that. So curious I was, I jumped into the water and started to wade towards them. Of course, I’ve conveniently forgotten that the winter freeze chills the water. So I turned back and attempted to climb out. My tiny paws weren’t strong enough to climb myself out, and as the ‘ducks and geese’ floated away, Daddy laughed to himself, took a picture of miserable wet and shivering Toby and picked me out of the water.

To dry me out, Daddy played fetch with me until I resembled something more of a dog. Wouldn’t want to embarrass myself in front of the ladies with bad presentation skills. Number one tip: Always stay dry!