Planz schmanz – Wedding (the honeymoon)

Posted on December 29, 2008


Well it’s come down to this. The Lonely Planet guide to Japan has earned herself an official spot on my bookcase, gathering dust, mildew and attracting ravenous moths. She’ll sit there for as long as the Australian dollar hauls its sorry as back to 100 yen (currently around 70 yen). Maybe by the time we find some form of accredited and experienced supervision from good friends or nannies, our tweens would have learnt how to earn some pocket money, pay off our mortgage and find ways to fend off those bills monsters that attack our mailbox every few weeks.

So yeah, there’s no way in Hell Michele and me are going to Japan in the next five to eight years. Our kids would be too young for travel, they wouldn’t remember a thing, and the Aussie dollar’s still getting picked on by the schoolyard bulles.

Back in June, when everything was hunky-dory and subprime was just another way to describe a half-fit Optimus Prime, we had planned on going to Japan for our honeymoon. Fast forward six months and the only Japan I’ll be seeing is the the ‘Made In Japan’ text inscribed on my electronic product.

So we’ve decided to save some money and spend regionally, where the power (it’s almost a laugh just saying that) of the Aussie dollar can go further. Michele’s dead set against spending our honeymoon in Australia (despite a very passionate and gimmicky Cairns sales pitch from me), so New Zealand it is.

Ahh yes, good old New Zealand. We’re looking at spending about ten days there. So far our itinerary looks something like three days in Auckland (still looking at accomodation. The hotel Escape Travel designated us is the pits), before a four hour trip to Paihia (where we’ll be putting up for three nights at the Waterfront Suites), before an eight hours trip via Auckland to Rotorua where we’ll spend three nights in Hotel Ibis.

After that it’s back to Auckland again (gee we really love that city) before we fly to Sydney, where we catch a connecting flight to Singapore. We’re looking at spending some time with family and friends back in Singapore, before heading out to either Bangkok (our old stomping ground!) or Hong Kong for some shopping.

As it looks, we’re looking at returning to Camp Melbourne in the first week of April. Such globetrotters we are. I’ll come back to make more editions to this post when our itinerary looks more fleshed out. Right now it’s all over the place.

So readers out there, if you have any suggestions on what to do in New Zealand (bearing in mind where we’re going; don’t tell us to head to the South Island because we’re not!) it’ll be grouse!