Going To The Carwash!

Posted on December 30, 2008


Welcome to my inner sanctum, my little private activity. As a privileged reader of this blog you have access to my daily rituals, so do not feel ashamed or embarrassed when I greet you with an erection.

Every night, Daddy or Mummy gives me a thorough clean. Wiping grime and dirt of my paws (I like running around in the backyard), a full body wet wipe, followed by a hair-raising blow dry to keep me warm and err, dry. They follow that up with a good brush (to prevent my matts from forming. Some do form eventually; it’s hard to keep them away unless a professional is hired!) and a big xoxo. Then it’s off to bed for me.

Here’s pictures of me getting a simple clean instead of the whole nine yards back in the winter just gone. I think Mummy was tired that evening, and only cleaned my paws (bad Mummy!). Oh well, beats leaving muddy paw prints all over the house! Don’t think Mummy (who’s anal about cleanliness) likes that too much!