Tales From The New Year Crypt

Posted on January 3, 2009


Thankfully, my New Year memories do not go that far back! I'd have been traumatised! (lol)

Thankfully, my New Year memories do not go that far back! I'd have been traumatised! (lol)

I have lost count of the number of New Year Resolutions I have made in good faith and broken within days, but I have fond (okay, some not so fond) memories of past New Years. I apologise if you readers have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, but I feel compelled to make notes about it. It’s scary just to read it myself, as I realised I really am old, I really have grown and I really have been around. Come to think about it, I could make a DVD out of it and give those stupid American scary cop chases show a run for their money.

2000 – I started the new millennium with a big court case hanging over my head. Local police had busted my college attempts to save some public transport fare through a measure of fare evading/fake concession card. The daily grinding of my future being up in the air, coupled with regular visits to the lawyer and subordinate courts made for a very (un)eventful year. I was eventually found guilty but got off easy as my dad paid off my lengthy jail term with a sizeable bail.

2002 – Here’s an unusual sight of a not-too-distant-past: Leeds United sitting pretty on top of the English Premier League at the start of the year. Sadly, as any self-respecting English football fan would know, Leeds United followers are a long suffering lot these days. MOT!

I also remembered getting really pissed drunk on this particular New Year. I finish my compulsory 20 months National Service this year, so it was exciting to start planning my life again instead of drills, discipline, revoking of weekend passes and formalities. Furthermore, my relationship with a Sindhi girl was going better than I had expected, so I was rapt when she told me she felt about me on New Years Day.

It was also the year I developed my fascination with girls of Indian descent. Of course, I’m aware of the Sindhi saying all Sindhi parents tell their daughters (“You can date anyone you want, but you must marry a Sindhi bloke!”) now, but try convincing me back then! I’d have thought you’re daft! Needless to say, the relationship turned sour.

2004 – This is a particularly poignant year for me. But New Year memories first. Leeds United, sitting at the bottom three of the Premier League. Broke and broken.

More importantly, as the year went on, it was all about my now fiancee and soon-to-be-wife Michele with a series of long distance phonecalls that don’t really make any sense. I swear at that point I didn’t think a lot about her, as she was only a friend. A dear friend who didn’t think very dear of me (lol). I was calling about the loneliness of my life, tv series (we shared a fondness for Felicity) and eating peanut butter out of a jar. It culminated in an impromptu trip to Melbourne, which I highlighted in great detail in my old blog. Of course, we hooked up then. But I didn’t mention it to anyone until we knew we genuinely liked each other. No point getting excited about someone when the other half is 7,000km away, no?

2005 – Success! I welcomed the New Year knowing I’m leaving for Melbourne to dispel any myths of long-distance relationships not working, and also to pursue a degree. A genuine New Year Resolution was made, and I quit smoking upon arriving in Melbourne. This is very evident in most of the posts I made in 2005. Just off hand, I knew I went about nine months without a cigarette, before I caved in one day. I blame peer pressure.

2007 – This particular year was all about Michele and my old friend, the cigarette. It took me a long time to realise and find out what I really wanted, but Michele was destined to be my wife. I didn’t start the New Year wanting to marry her. No, I didn’t. But I could see her being the mother of my child. That was kind of how it started.

As for smoking, I had my last cigarette on 14 January. I swore I’ll never smoke again. With an intention to start a family with Michele in the years to come, it’s best to lose the old me and start afresh with a new one. I’ve not touched a cigarette since. At least this was one New Year Resolution that I stuck to and saw the fruits of my labour. These days I have deeper pockets, I don’t wheeze when I sleep, and I no longer feel guilty watching those sick ‘Smoking is bad for your’ ads on the telly.

2008 – This being so recent, it hurts. A New Year, a new house and a new life. Michele and I, recently engaged, move twice in six months before settling into our first home. Of course, that’s the fun part. 2008 will always be remembered for my visa application, joblessness and the way I was shafted around by employers due to my foreign status.

What are your memories of recent New Years? Did you make any resolutions and if you did, stick with them? Do share with me if you like.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2009 be a better year for you and it bring you good health, harmony within your family and joy to your loved ones.