Aussies working world’s longest hours

Posted on January 9, 2009


Shockingly, one third of full-time workers will take not one day of annual leave this year, according the country’s largest ever study into annual leave accrual undertaken by Tourism Australia.

The figures show Australians work the longest hours in the developed world.

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A myth debunked – the laid back Aussie lifestyle has gone to the bowels of stereotyped history. Popular foreign opinion can call our bluff.

Here’s another way to put it – we Aussies (or is it ‘us Aussies?’ bah damn my failing English!) work our socks off coz we have to pay off some things or another.

Myself? I haven’t the gall or audacity to chuck a sickie or even take a day of leave considering I was on a one year enforced sabbatical last year. And really, I’m working and making up for lost time in 2008.

I just received my Christmas and New Year fortnight pay, and I said a little prayer when I saw my bank balance. In just a little over the last two months, I’ve earnt more than the entire financial year just gone. Money was so hard to come buy, and I was only getting one or two days shifts a week. Watching your bank balance swell to a four-digit sum after bills does make for Must See TV.

Most importantly, I’m working for the wedding and pull off a miraculous escape. Just several months ago the idea of postponing the wedding was an idea I played around with; now I putĀ  in almost 80% of my pay into the wedding fund and we’re both looking forward to the big day. I’m sure the wedding fund appreciates the extra dose of TLC it’s receiving from me as well.

So yes, Tourism Australia isn’t doing anything wrong per se. I’m just a little unsure if they’re doing the right thing as the millions they’ve invested on luring Aussies back into month-long escapades is a classic case of one step forward, two steps back. But for many Aussies out there, myself included, we won’t be taking any time off for personal fulfillment.