An Update – It’s Weird All Around!

Posted on January 14, 2009


Gosh has it really been four days since I’ve gone? Back in the good old days time crawls and potters along when you’ve nothing exciting in life worth looking forward to; these days, nary a moment goes by before I go ‘Snap! Time to blog again!’

Michele’s been afflicted with a weird swelling of her ankle that has gotten considerably itchy. She doesn’t remember spraining it, and a trip to the doctor’s revealed it could be a reaction caused by an insect bite. Okay, she does remember getting bitten on the knee of her same leg. The doctor’s have packed her off with some antibodies and arranged Michele for an ultrasound if she thinks necessary. But it’s weird. I mean, who gets a swollen limb after getting bitten by an bug?

Yesterday, a half-standing Michele, her buggered leg (pardon the pun) and me finally got around to painting our front door. We’ve moved in for almost a year now but never found the time to do little upkeepity things like that. We had gotten the new door ordered in to replace the very woggy door owned by the previous owners, but by the time we settled down in our home winter was fast approaching and it was too cold to leave the door open for half a day, painting et al. But it’s weird. I mean, who leaves their front door unpainted for almost a year?

Tomorrow is a special day. I have mentioned in a previous post that I’d be going two years sans cigarettes on the 15th. I think, just for celebratory purposes, I’ll head down to the local tobacco joint, purchase a 20 stick pack and make a pyramid out of the cigarettes. Or something. It’s gotten to the point where I become severely nauseated by the lingering stench of second-hand smoke and I’d kindly tell someone to please blow their toxic fumes somewhere else if I was really annoyed by it. But it’s weird. I mean, just five years ago I thought smoking was the coolest thing in the world and my best friends were a Dunhill in my right and Jack Daniels in my left!

Later today, Michele and me are heading down to check on my suit and pick it up if it’s ready. We’ll then bring the suit over to good ol’ Anton’s in Melbourne Central to have a vest specially done to match the suit. I’m a big fan of the stuff there; if things weren’t so bloody expensive there I’d have bought entire racks of suits, hats and fancy collections from them.

Speaking of suits, I’m still waiting for the groomsmen to get back to me with their bloody measurements. What’s taking you guys so long boys!?!?!?!?!? Your suits need to be measured! Not long to go before my wedding and you guys are slacking off!