Good idea. But no.

Posted on January 15, 2009


Courtney from work suggested I celebrate a cigarette-free two years with a cigarette. For a second, I actually enjoyed the idea of that idea. But a world of no. A quiet pat on my back from myself is all I need to go another year. The taste of nicotine is still ‘fresh’ in my mouth – yes, I still entertain the idea of a long drag with strong coffee – but I suppose as the years go on I wouldn’t need to talk about it anymore. No big deal. It’s just a personal challenge to myself.

Then, just before I finished my morning shift, good ol’ Hughesy and Kate decides to run a competition on which Nova 100 listener smokes the most number of cigarettes in a day. What the hell? Are they taunting me?

By the way, a nice lady called up Nova and said her grandmother smoked over 80 cigarettes (that’s 2×40/pack) in over six hours while they were visiting during the Christmas. I didn’t stay around to tune in on the winner, but damn if that granny didn’t win, I sure hope her cancer bills do!

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