Planz schmanz – Wedding (the invites)

Posted on January 28, 2009


The non-Australian invites (above) were sent out this week. Legible handwriting, much?

The non-Australian invites were sent out this week. Legible handwriting, much?

If there’s any reason to rethink your marriage to your partner and you’re even contemplating marrying again, I beseech you to reconsider that crazy notion. That’ll mean you’ve to spend many hours speaking to relos you’ve not spoken to for many years (or care), asking in pedantic details what their bloody address is. This is followed by more hours of explaining why I’m getting married (eh, ‘coz I’m in love?), why I’m not marrying in Singapore (Australia is home), yelling at my folks after they’ve still not gotten around to acquiring *insert relo’s name here* address.

Had I known writing our relos addresses and finding out their actual names was that tedious, I’d have second-thought my decision to get married. Until last week, I didn’t think six-line addresses still existed. Where the hell do these people live?

In fact, if casual readers of this blog wanted comedy and drama (dramedy?), last week would have been gold. Stand-up comedy at it’s pure best. I’m not even hamming it up for the cameras, with an imaginary a 800-strong crowd cheering me on at the International Comedy Festival in Melbourne. Or for fans of Zach Braff, it’s Scrubs in another time-line, where the chief doctor is El Diablo* who is a spitting image of my angry mom demanding I adhere to centuries-old Chinese customs when she hasn’t, doesn’t and wouldn’t give two hoots of interest of my impending marriage because I’m not paying for the entire wedding nor am I giving Michele a dowry (wtf?). But that’s another story.

For anyone who is interested in saving some money on wedding invites (we knew we were), try looking to get them done overseas. One of the best places to get good quality wedding invites at knock down prices is the Philippines. Our Maid-of-Honour, who is half-pinay, told us to look up shops there online. After a bit of stumbling about – mainly due to communication – we found a great card shop called Cardprints. The staff speak English and are friendly and very helpful. On the many occasions we had to call them, they were professional and understood our urgency as those cards needed to be sent back to Australia, written out and sent back out to various countries around the world.

But what about price? Yes, that’s the only reason we were looking to get them done overseas. A simple wedding invitation made in Australia (fold out card + envelope + insertion) would cost around A$5. Multiply that by the number of families and friends you’re inviting and you’re looking at anything in excess of A$500. And that’s a small sum as I’m assuming you’re getting 100 cards done. For ethnic groups known for their large weddings such as the Greeks where 300 guests are not uncommon, be prepared to spend more.

At Cardprints we spent A$3 on each wedding invite that included a holding card (with a cut out window frame) that contains a RSVP card + location card + invite + designed blank card (for table seatings or other papercraft needs) + thank you card and envelope (sent out after the wedding). A picture of us fits the window frame when slotted back into the holding card, and we had carte blanche over the entire design of the card (while sticking to the basic structure).

Something as elaborate as our card would have cost us a lot more than A$3. I have no idea how much it would have set us back by, but I’d say a ballpark of A$7-8 each card is not an exaggeration.

Of course, we had to ship the cards over. If anything, I thought the shipping was the most expensive part of the entire process, costing us about A$200 (we designed and ordered just a little over 100 cards) to Fed-Ex the cargo to Melbourne (send out on Thursday, received it Monday). All in all we spent just over $500 to get them done. Had we gotten them made in Australia, I shudder to think how much more we’d have spent.

For what it’s worth, and the trouble we had to go through (looking them up, not being able to see them physically and trusting them completely with the final result), I think the few hundred dollars saved was justified as Michele and I were very satisfied with their work.

Now, I’ll just have to hope everyone including our relos in Sri Lanka, Europe and Asia receive them in good order. Lots of RSVPing in the next few weeks!

*Completely irrelevant, but I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Diablo 3.

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