What A Week!

Posted on January 30, 2009


Different year, same heat. My family going through the cooling motions in the summer of 06/07.

Different year, same heat. My family going through the cooling motions in the summer of 06/07.

It’s been a long hard week for Michele and me. But first, some good news.

We met up with our celebrant earlier in the week and registered our intent to marry. We wrote and signed into a big, hard-covered book and discussed what had to be done on the wedding day itself. We’ve not decided how our Order of Service should look. It’s something we’ve to decide really soon.

And then the bad news. As if tackling a Melbourne 40+ Degrees heatwave for three days in a row wasn’t enough, we both had to tackle different challenges from work.

A tragedy can occur in all forms. Yesterday evening Michele came home relatively depressed, having witnessed the death of a girl after she was rushed to the department Michele works in. Although she’s seen death several times throughout her career, it’s still hard to take. Michele told me her team – together with others from other departments – tried valiantly to save her but she was pronounced brain dead within minutes.

I have also conveniently omitted the stranding of thousands of city commuters – Michele included – after the incompetence of train company Connex and the State Government led to another day of massive cancellations and delays.

This delay has her repercussions as trains desperately try to catch up with their scheduling. Seriously, what is the point? They’re already hours behind. I copped this frustrating merry-go-round later in the evening as I waited patiently for the train to arrive. A normal five minutes wait eventuated into a 45 minutes look-at-watch-listen-to-announcement exercise before I arrived at work late, sweating and flustered.

At work, I had to put up with this buffoon with a country accent who called up, cussing and swearing every time he spoke and demanded I find the owner of a brindle kelpie he had found. A quick search on our database revealed the dog is not registered with us. This, after I had tried within my professional means to be kind and courteous to him, offering him suggestions to keep the dog with him for the night before bringing him to a vet or pet shop in the morning as they have the appropriate dog-caring facilities. He also had an adverse reaction to the word ‘local council’ as rangers from the council would have driven over and picked up the dog. But somehow he refused to call them and would rather I find a way to relief him of the kelpie. What a dickhead.

It’s exactly six weeks to my wedding day. Oh boy, stuff cold feet. If anything Michele and I are both looking forward to getting away from it all. No more deaths, no more crazy folks.