The Big 3-0

Posted on February 2, 2009


Cutting the 3-0 cake. Here's to another 30.

Cutting the 3-0 cake. Here's to another 30.

I turned 30 yesterday.

My family (wife-to-be, sister-in-law and mother-in-law) and my new extended family (Michele’s cousin and family – we meet up very often and are very close) bought me a birthday cake and it was a low fanfare, non-occasional good cheer. They sung me a loud birthday song, and I was gracious enough to dance around looking like a buffoon as reaching 30 means it’s the beginning of another stage in my life.

It also means I’ve spent a sixth of my life here in Melbourne. Not too long ago I could not have envisaged living in another country, much less settling down with a family. But now, Melbourne is home. I’m sowing my seeds in this wonderful city. Her people have adopted me, taken kindly to me and have shown me the Aussie way of life. Over these five years I’d like to think I’ve left an indelible mark on my Aussie friends, particularly my ex-uni mates, friends and family of Michele’s and friends I’ve made from my various media work in Melbourne.

Looking back at the last decade of my life, I can’t help but muster a little smile. I didn’t shed a tear as I waved good bye to my twenty-something. I acknowledged that as an indication of my growing, and self-actualization of my dreams and beliefs. Time flies. It really does. I’ve ‘achieved’ a lot over these ten years, and have been, experienced, passed on and been influenced by many people, emotional highs and lows. Everyone has a story to tell. Likewise myself.

Ten years ago, never in my wildest dreams would I have wanted to settle down until I was 45. I wanted to play the field, pick up my 18yo girlfriend after she finished classes from uni in my 4WD, call claims to have had multiple orgies that’s well documented in viral porn videos and perhaps, maybe find a rich lady who saw my wayward and crazy party lifestyle as an exit from her unhappy marriage.

Ten years ago, I was angry with myself. I’ve just dropped out from college, broken up with girl (I genuinely liked her!), embroiled in a legal case with the local authorities and hated the sanitised, controlled and regimental way of living in Singapore. Really, I was in a mess. What was a young adult to think when everything around him was spiralling out of control?

Of course, growing older comes with responsibilities. Or rather, more responsibilities. Very soon, I’ll marry my sweetheart and we’ll be having children of our own. I’ve always been rather err, irksome of handling little babies as I have this fear of crushing them. They’re so fragile and little and as much as I love cute little things and animals, I tend to draw the line at babies. I guess I’ll have to overcome then soonish than latish!

This year is a momentous one for me. As most readers already know, I marry soon. I’ll also be getting my driver’s – something I’ve been putting away for many years. Yes, I don’t drive. I still get amazing looks from friends who wondered how I’ve survived 30 years without ever needing a car. How do I do my groceries? (I walk 20 minutes to and fro.) How did I find and move into my new house? (That’s what your mates are there for.) How do you travel out of Melbourne? (The V-Line’s handy. And so are your mates’ cars.)

Most importantly of all, this year is all about change. With a new family, and potentially a new mouth to feed, Michele and I need to sit down and re-do our finances. Not that we’ve any extra to go by, as most of it has gone into the wedding! (lol). I can’t say it’ll all be blue skies and fluffy clouds, but I know however my life plays itself out, it’s all just part of growing up.

But that’s life isn’t it?