Posted on February 9, 2009


Does that word even exist? Well, I guess it does when it’s relative to The Marching Jester. You can probably throw in ridiculous Melbourne weather and all wedding-related stress. Might as well, seeing how the Big Man up there likes to keep me on my toes.

I sit here in my room, on the 9th of February, in the cool of a 19 degree weather. The window is open, there’s a very cool breeze bouncing off my skin and everyone is happy.

Can’t say the same 48 hours ago, when it was 46 degrees in the day, and a greenhouse 32 degrees at night. Oh how you mock us with your fickle temper, Mr Melbourne Weather.

A girlfriend of mine has just returned from Europe, surprising me as I had not planned on her returning so quickly. I’ve got to muster an emergency wedding invite to her.

Michele and I have just about sorted most of the wedding stuff out. Over the weekend we’ve bought the groomsmen shirts, ties and picked up the suits. I also found out, rather unwittingly, that the Bride’s beautiful dress sits pretty in the Maid-of-Honour’s home. Oh how fitting. This coming from my mother-in-law and her conniving daughter, who conspire against me, insisting the wedding dress is somewhere in OUR home. Right.

This week, we’ll sit down and plan out our order of service, and draw out an in-depth itinerary for our videographer and photographer. They need to know who to visit first (as I’m putting up with the boys in a hotel room), what the order of the day is and when to arrive at the reception.

The next weeks will be spent touching base with the rest of wedding entities – the bonbonneries, the above-mentioned video and photo folks, our celebrant, our DJ and other stuff that’s probably-important-but-I-be-stuffed-thinking-about-right-now to do.

I tell ya, am I glad marriage is only once. The stress and health-related degradation simply isn’t worth the hassle.

Health-related? Yes. I think I’ve copped the mother of all health-related stresses. Watch this space.