Planz schmanz – Bridal Shower (my ‘guest’ appearance)

Posted on February 16, 2009


Unbeknown to me, a clone of myself made a ‘guest’ appearance at Michele’s bridal shower yesterday afternoon. As far as I’m concerned, the Real McCoy spent the whole day at home, mucking around with house chores, computer games and napping like the lazy man he is.

I mean, had I known I was spotted across town in the company of beautiful women, I knew my alibi would be perfect. After all, 19 women couldn’t be wrong. I should went out instead and gone on a crime wave, stealing people’s cars or something stupid like that. But don’t worry. I wasn’t there! I was with beautiful women! Stealing cars, what?

Michele came home with a bevy of gifts, a big grin across her face and lots of well wishes. Suffice to say, she has a lot of support and love from family and friends who genuinely care for her and are rapt to be involved in her special day.

I just want to thank the maid-of-honour Kayleen, Michele’s sister Crystal and good friend Sarah for all the effort you guys put into the bridal shower. Looking at the pictures and the amount of work you guys put into arts & crafts and doing up the place was amazing. Michele is truly lucky to have friends like you.