Right On Track

Posted on February 21, 2009


I killed the cat today and climbed on the weighing scale after coming home from work yesterday. I’ve been seduced by the red pointer many times, but I guess curiosity has its way of succumbing to peer pressure.

What am I talking about? My weight, of course.

So I staggered on it, naked and while I admired myself in front of the bathroom mirror (nothing to see there!), the red pointer rested on a number I’ve not known for a long time.

82kgs! I’m 82kgs!

I couldn’t believe it. I was rapt.

For the last three to four years my weight has slowly climbed, and while I bear no resemblance to a beached whale, there were moments where I had a fright as the red pointer indicated I was a large hamburger away from 90kgs.

Of course, since our wedding preparation intensified towards the end of last year, and Michele’s went all anti-gluttony with her diet, the entire family’s been watching what they’ve been eating.

Along the way, I noticed a few things about my own body:

1) I no longer feel as hungry when I feel, er hungry. I realised by limiting, or rather controlling how much I eat everyday, I’m ‘training’ my stomach and brain to eat less. I eat about half my usual portion, and I still hit the sack feeling damn good about myself.

2) I could fit into tees and shorts I had unceremoniously dumped to the side in the last few years. Playing dress-up sure is fun. Previously I had always bought M-sized clothes, but lately L has been my preferred Letter of the Day. Guess it’s back to M.

I’ve been copping a fair bit of abuse from Michele about my dietary habits. She doesn’t understand why I’ve developed this unnatural habit of watching what I eat. Well likewise, I didn’t understand why she had to go on the Lemon Detox plan either.

How come she’s all hunky-dory about losing weight herself, but the moment her man starts watching what he eats, she goes all primal and ballistic?

Anyway, I plan to go under 80kgs on my wedding day. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a weight I’ve not registered since 2005. It’s been that long.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a cup of Milo to entertain.