Toby – Skinny Or Otherwise?

Posted on February 23, 2009



It’s a wonder how dogs look really fluffy and cute with their thick coats on and look like a pair of skinny jeans the moment their coat is shaved off.

I took this picture in the winter just gone. I haven’t been the best Daddy last year (no excuses!) and had allowed Toby’s hair (How exclusive poodles are. They have first dibs on the term ‘hair’ instead of ‘fur’ due to their hypoallergenic qualities) to grow to an unmanageable length until it began to matt.

Granted, finances were difficult last year so Toby’s welfare was secondary to the general shenanigans of the household, but no longer. Things are a lot better now, and Toby is getting the best care. He always had our love and attention, but now he truly is spoilt. Oh well, how’s that a bad thing? :O

Life really is hard when you’re cute and adorable. I’m just glad Toby doesn’t look anything like this now. Michele wouldn’t be too pleased if a skinny chicken posed together with us on our wedding day.