Naked With Your Furry Friend

Posted on May 9, 2009


Not too pleased!

Not too pleased!

Hello all, I hope you are well.

A conversation with a mate of mine over the general hygiene and overall cleanliness of our dogs several days ago turned into a debate on the best way to wash your dog. As my mate’s dog is a large labrador, he stands out in the backyard with him while watering and soaping him down.

As for Toby, I just strip my clothes off, step into the shower stall with Toby in it, shower first before attempting to wash Toby. By the time I get to Toby, he’s drenched, pulling the longest face a horse would be proud of and his tail’s between his legs.

If you seem surprised, or haven’t pressed the ‘shock gasp horror’ button, be still your beating heart. Personally I think groomers do a better job than we do washing our furry friends, but can you really justify the $30 odd you pay? I sure don’t. And besides, it’s only a 30-45 minutes job. And it’s a great way to bond with your dog.

When Toby was much smaller, washing him wasn’t much of a problem. The laundry basin was big enough to accommodate an oft struggling Toby – guess he wasn’t used to be washed and soaped down then – and there’s just enough space to maneuvre him around the basin so he smells all nicey clean.

Now that Toby’s all of six kilogrammes and fully grown, the humble laundry basin won’t fit no more. As he got larger, I found it easier to wash him in the bath tub by letting the warm water run over him, filling up the tub as a gave him a thorough wash down.

Most times however, I find it’s more practical to wash Toby immediately after I have showered. While I rinse off, Toby gets a free soak and is thoroughly wet before I soap him.

Why am I writing about this? Well some people might find it very strange to parade your naked self in front of your dog. I guess they might not be comfortable with their own bodies, or their dog might have acquired extra sensories to make out what a human being looks like without clothes.

If you asked Toby how many times he’s seen me naked (or anyone in the, errr, family for that matter) he’ll tell you with an assuring bark he reckons I enjoy looking at myself naked more than he does. And that’s not because I’m showering him!