Toby Might Have A Friend?

Posted on July 10, 2009


PhotobucketToby at home with me just last week. Michele’s been bugging me to get a playmate for him. Poor boy’s lonely and I can see it in his eyes. Michele thinks we can cope, but I don’t know if another dog is a good idea. She sent me a link from the local papers with pictures of a breeder’s litter of Poodle/Cocker Spaniel puppies (below). Argh they are really adorable.

Now I have no idea which puppy Michele wanted, but hey give her a chance I’m sure she’d have taken both.

I really want Toby to have a good friend to wake up to and play with. I guess it’s the thought of cleaning up after two dog’s mess, feeding two dogs, watching out for the needs of…well you know I mean.

The home does get awfully quiet with just three of us at home. Hmmm…