I’m three years old! Woof!

Posted on July 16, 2009


PhotobucketHello! It has been a furry while but I finally get a chance to dirty Daddy’s keyboard with my expert furry paws typing! I have been very diligent and learning how to use the computer. You wouldn’t believe it but my paws were made for typing! No other dog types as accurately as I do! And while most dogs salivate and wag their tail at the mention of ‘mouse’, I get all excited because I get to spend more time online looking at doggy porn. Woof!

My fetish for cream-coloured poodle crosses had to take a backseat last week when I turned three. This year Mummy and Daddy bought me a large sausage and stuck it into a sweet cupcake. I asked Mummy why couldn’t I have three sausages since I am three years old but Mummy said something about a cupcake that was too small.

Daddy also made the occasion extra special when he introduced me to little plastic doggy toys from Hungry Jacks because that’s how he shows his love – endorsing a special day with fast food giveaways!

But I don’t complain! That’s the beauty of me! I’m so furrily adorabily…me!

And how often do I get to eat on the kitchen counter? Never! Only on birthdays…my birthday!

Oh well I’m getting tired of this little post here. The sun is lovely today and I’m going to go back out the back yard to chase birds and Tom the orange Cat who loves leaving his poopy in the yard for Daddy to clean up. *wags tail* That’s the best thing Tom has done yet!

Until then, woof!