When in July, we fully comply.

Posted on August 2, 2009


Hello everybody. I hope you are all well.

My mother-in-law (MIL), who calls us very too often, casually congratulated Michele and me on our fourth month anniversary while speaking with Michele last month. What do you know, the people who really ought to be keeping tabs on the relationship i.e us completely forgot our special day.

It’s perfectly within reason to understand how parents remember little things like these but I had to laugh at MIL’s timing. Four month anniversary? If an award was given out to Silliest but Cute Anniversary Reminder this would be somewhere in the Top Ten.

But it also serves to remind Michele and me how time just passed us by and the hustle and bustle of the 12 months leading up to our special day is now truly behind us. So much so I kind of miss it. But don’t tell anyone I said that. :O

Wedding Album

We’ve truly settled into the normalcy of life, and the only post-wedding related task that still requires our attention is selecting the photographs for our wedding album. Our wonderful photographer Zita Kiss did us no favours when she took over 700 shots of our special day and casually demanded that we pick 110 pictures for the wedding album.

I think Michele and me made a decidedly lazy decision to put off our wedding album. The two months succeeding our wedding we were genuinely still in the ‘honeymoon’ stage and genuinely weren’t interested in doing anymore wedding-related homework. Admittedly, we couldn’t really give a darn anymore. Many weekends Michele would sit me down and attempted to pick a few pictures. I got bored within a few minutes and between watching our wedding video for the umpteenth time and getting polite emails from Zita to send her a list of our pictures, common sense prevailed.

So there it was last week, 110 pictures with each picture carefully indicated on a Word document. The last thing we wanted was a picture we didn’t want! I sent it off to Zita with a huge relief. It took us four months to get around to it but it had to be done, albeit with an angry Hungarian gun pointed at my head.

Behind A Wheel!

Last month was also the month I finally got around to getting my driving lessons in place. I have put driving off my ‘To Do’ list for many years and with a prospective burgeoning family I cannot see myself pushing a pram with missus in tow into a crowded train. I hate to see myself looking like another bogan who spends the Baby Bonus on VB and smokos. Then again, when was the last time anyone’s seen an Asian bogan?

Within a matter of weeks my driving instructor indicated he felt I was confident enough to take the test and couldn’t see me on my L’s for much longer. I got home and immediately booked myself with VicRoads for the ‘Are You Flapping Kidding Me?’ Test. I completed the pixelated, low resolution and worthless clickfest in 15 minutes with a score of 74% and walked out wondering how VicRoads could get away with this scam. Surely there are other ways to swindle poor Victorians of $20?

Unfortunately, there’s a waiting period of seven to eight weeks for the official drive test. I’ve got my test booked on September 7. Until then, I’ll just keep throwing $33 at my instructor every week. Practice makes perfect, no?