“We’re Having A Baby!” – First Ultrasound

Posted on September 9, 2009


Baby Marching Jester!

Baby Marching Jester!

We’re having a baby!

Just short of our six months wedding anniversary, Michele and I are very happy to announce this wonderful news to all our friends and family.

We just got home from our first ultrasound earlier today to look at Baby. Mostly to check if Baby’s up and running, but mostly to see what the hell is causing Michele so much pain in the last seven weeks.

Of course, I’ve known of Michele’s pregnancy for awhile now. A convenient pregnancy kit was peed upon in the early morning of July 22 and it came out positive. We went down to our local clinic for a blood test, and it was good news all around.

But, it wouldn’t have made sense to talk about Baby without an ultrasound image. I was just glad to tell my family and in-laws that yes, it was a lot of hard work trying to conceive (serious!) and no, we probably timed it wrongly the first few months.

Baby is 12 weeks 3 days old today.

A new chapter of my life begins.