“We’re Having A Baby!” – The Discovery

Posted on September 14, 2009


The magic P word that changed our lives forever.

The magic P word that changed our lives forever.

Hello all. I hope you have been well.

It has been an incredible rush of happy emotions for Michele and I since we proudly announced our impending parenthood to all friends and family. Previously, only our immediate family was privy to the information and it cut us to no end every time we had to keep a straight face telling a white lie when we were asked if Michele is pregnant.

We have been flooded with messages and phone calls these few days and feel really blessed to have people who genuinely take interest in or care about us. In each and everyone of you, we trust and we thank. You guys are inextricably bounded to us and we hope to share every moment of our beautiful journey with everyone of you.

I thought I’ll reveal a little about the day we discovered the little bundle of joy.

It was on a cold, winter morning on July 22nd and a clearly frustrated Michele was peeing onto another pregnancy test kit. I say another we have been trying for a kid since right off the bat. Weeks turned into months and we began to fear the worst – Michele can’t conceive!

Turns out it’s all about timing and as all new parents will tell you, they’re learning all the time. It’s all new to me and I find myself looking up pregnancy sites and books to understand the 5W1H of conceiving. I think the idea of sex must have begun to look a little dull as we were only focused on getting Michele pregnant, not enjoying it.

For awhile, I truly loathed having sex! Mind you, this is a man talking as well!

Anyway back to the morning of July 22nd. I remember we were having a disagreement on something and we were both standing in the bathroom. Michele had just peed onto the kit and had left it on the counter top. I can’t remember what we were disagreeing on – something trivial and typical of any married couple – but I had just booked myself a couple of driving lessons so was feeling pretty good about myself.

A few minutes went by and Michele casually glanced at the kit. I was busy reiterating my opinion on Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (okay, I really wasn’t but I was talking a lot) when she cut me off with her hand to her mouth and a whooping gasp of air.

It took me half a second to comprehend why she started acting like a Mayan tribesman. I literally stared at the kit for a minute.

I remember embracing Michele for a long while and did the Pregnancy Dance in the bathroom. Whatever that was.

I called my Dad, who lives in Singapore. It was 9am Melbourne time, 7am Singapore. My Dad picked up the phone and quipped a classic one liner I’ll never forget.

“There’s only one reason why you would call me at 7am in the morning. Congratulations!”

So much for a surprise.

I don’t think being a father has hit home yet. As I speak, the silence of my home isn’t pierced by the screams of a baby wanting attention, or a tired Michele crying out for my assistance. I have been told to get as much sleep as I can muster before Baby arrives.

I’ll definitely try. It won’t be today though, as I’ll be heading out to shop for a car.

A new car and a Baby. This is the best year yet.