Working from home

Posted on September 26, 2009


Hello all. I hope you have been well.

Has Life has been kind to you? It certainly has for me, at least in the last week or so.

Last week I was approached by the Editor of South East Asia’s largest parenting website, TheAsianParent to contribute story ideas and more importantly, articles. I was previously on the editorial team for the Singapore edition of TheAsianParent in 2008, but the recession took its toll on our team and I was kindly asked to stop writing temporarily until things picked up.

Of course, here’s the $64,000 question. What on earth do I know about being a parent in 2008?! As it is now, Michele’s only 14 weeks pregnant!

I had asked the Editor the same question as well, and I was quickly shepherded into a corner and told to write about amusing observations on parenting instead. I remember thinking:

“How queer. Parenting, non-parenting style.”

This time round, it’s back to the drawing board for me as the Editor found out about my impending fatherhood. She has given me two trimesters’ worth of template to work on. It’s quite daunting! I will try to step up and deliver.

The only problem I can foresee is the similarities between my articles for TheAsianParent and the posts on The Marching Jester. I have been instructed not to submit the same post for the blog to TheAsianParent due to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. Fair enough, but it will be a massive challenge to rewrite my very scant recollection of the first ultrasound, or our first obstetrician consultation…

You get the idea. But it gets better.

My day job has had a massive improvement on my professional front. The IT department moved up to my level six months ago and I couldn’t help but overhear the stuff they talk about. Projects, events, things to do, deadlines to meet et al.

I realized I could handle some of the projects and tasks the IT staff were mulling over. After all, I do have a communication and television background. It helped that I got along with everybody in the company. I began showing my face more frequently with the IT department and was occasionally asked my opinion on some of the media stuff that was about to be put out to the public.

I noticed they were struggling and could do with an extra hand that has previous training and experience in this field, so I approached the managers about clocking in more hours working with the IT and media team. This would be on top of my normal job and I promised not to let the interests of the new job distract and interfere with my primary duties.

The managers liked my idea and my enthusiasm, so I got the gig. I’m now responsible for filming and editing the videos that go on the company website. Very cool indeed.

As I speak there’s still the remuneration and hours to be worked out, but I’ll be all hands on board in the next few months. Curiously, both jobs allow me to work from home, which is ideal with my working hours.

Between writing articles for TheAsiaParent and filming for my company, it’ll be an interesting and busy conclusion to 2009. I’m hoping there’s enough work to launch me into the new year as I’ll need to save every dollar I earn with the my little kiddo coming along!