Unwelcomed art

Posted on September 28, 2009


Hello. I hope you are all well.

I got home today from work to find some unsavoury pieces of art on our fence. Some juvenile delinquents have sprayed random stuff on on it, defacing it in the process.

It’s not what the graffiti symbolized or represented – they don’t mean anything to me, but probably do to those in the graffiti or uneducated community – but for me it’s a slight on my lovely home and this beautiful family I’ve tried so hard to establish from scratch.

It wasn’t just our home that had our property defiled. Our neighbour’s home across the street copped it as well. They didn’t have some very explicit words on it though.

Back in May I talked about maintaining the security and upholding the harmony of your family and loved ones with necessary protection after a pretty scary incident with a would-be robber. Since then we have had security doors, grilles and roller shutters installed at our home. It set us back many thousands of dollars, but at least we feel better knowing our home is well looked after.

When Michele came home in the evening she asked me if I had noticed the graffiti. She had noticed it on the way to work in the morning as well. I’m surprised she did not ask me about it when we were on the phone during lunch time.

It’s not something I would like to think about much, but it does put things into perspective. I’m hoping it’s not a personal attack on my family; who knows which family or ethnic community we might have upset.

Michele and I came here from distant lands and have worked hard to get to where we are today. We don’t dole bludge, live off Centrelink payments or rely on Government handouts. If people are envious because we – racial minorites and an inter-racial couple – represent success and progress, then some people have a lot of growing up and eye-opening to do.

I’m not comfortable with the art on our fence. It could mean nothing as a bunch of drunk juveniles with no sense of responsibilities walked past our fence and decided the plain fence needed some touching up. It probably is just that. But I tend to over think things and analyze it until my head hurts.

Should I clean it? Or leave it? Cleaning it might invite more graffiti as the dickheads might live just around the area and are watching my home.

I might walk up to the neighbour’s home and ask if they know anything about the graffiti. The families along our street are of the older variety. Most have children and grandchildren and live alone and look forward to weekends as the families visit. We’re the only young family in the area and stick out like a sore thumb. But these are good families and good people and I would have to think we’re the victims of our own success because we are ‘different’.

Okay I’ll leave it at that. Here I am again, over thinking. Might be interesting to see if more art appears in the weeks or months to come.