Posted on September 30, 2009


Even Toby didn't know what to make of it.

Even Toby didn't know what to make of it.

Our house is falling apart, literally.

Over the weekend the big old tree in my backyard decided to do a split after watching one too many gymnasts on the telly. I was in my room when I heard a rip-roaring sound that went like “rrrrrrrkkkkkk-kkkkkcccccchhhhhh-rkkkkhhhhh” which was accompanied by the shaking of the ground. For a moment I thought the house was falling like a deck of cards.

I have attributed this unwanted disaster to the wild weather. High winds and wild rain – you could interchange both adjectives and the meaning would still be the same – must have become too much for the tree.

I’ve always wanted to remove the tree as it posed as a safety hazard but put it off due to the tightening of the purses. I guess there’s no way to put it off now!

Toby couldn’t be more pleased when I have the tree (and spare parts) removed. He hasn’t been able to do his usual laps around the yard and has too much energy at the end of the day. Which means more throwing of toys or balls for him to fetch. And Michele and I hate that.

Wonder how much arborists charge to remove a tree. We could do without more expenses.

Oh well, life goes on.