Toby Goes Mobile!

Posted on October 8, 2009



Hello all. The weather has been brilliant today so I’m sure you’ve been well.

After three years of dropping Toby off at local groomers, we decided to give mobile dog grooming and washing a try. We’ve had varying levels of satisfaction with the groomers we’ve been to. Mostly, they do a good job. However, the last two times Toby returned with canine cough (first time) and a bit of the flu (second time).

I would like to give the groomers the benefit of the doubt but I’m not willing to put up with a sick Toby again. Perhaps he contracted it elsewhere, but we thought it wasn’t worth the worry and hassle and decided to look elsewhere. We’ve copped a bit of vet fees with Toby’s history of ill health, so it was paramount we kept him healthy.

With winter now gone, Toby’s thick coat of hair has begun to mat, so a complete shave was necessary. We’ve always wanted to give mobile dog groomers a try but were  put off by the prohibitive prices. After all, they come to your house ala room service.  A basic cut and wash sets us back $50, but mobile groomers charge around $80. That’s steep if your dog gets groomed every two to three months.

We found our local mobile groomer to be a very lovely lady, was punctual and really professional. Toby was well taken care of and for awhile, it felt strange having lunch at home knowing your dog’s in the driveway getting a haircut. Ha.

And the price? Exactly the same as sending Toby to the old groomer. Savings on travelling expenses and more importantly time.

Thank you Tracy, you have our business in future.