‘House Chores’ – Cleaning And Removing

Posted on October 9, 2009


Hello all.

This week I’ve seen a new reason to look at house chores in a different light. After all, I didn’t move a muscle and had everything done for me. Oh how I wished that’s the case week in, week out.

Regular readers will remember how my property was vandalized and when my house was almost crushed by a giant tree. All that within the space of a week. And they say married life isn’t interesting!

Bye bye tree...

Bye bye tree...

If only the world works with such well-drilled precision and timing. A day after I lodged the graffiti report, the local council responded immediately to my pleas for help, sending the Cleaning Brigade to wash the graffiti off my fencing.

I’ve always wondered why annual council fees are so steep. After all, all they did was clear my rubbish weekly and my recycled every other. I simply could not justify paying them. However, after making short work of the graffiti in err, short time, I will never complain paying those fees again. Good work, council!

The next day, I looked up the local paper and did a couple of cold calls to tree removalists. Two companies responded immediately and turned up at my doorstep at the same time. How uncanny. I went with the cheapest guy while sending the other guy home fuming. Hey, I vote with my wallet!

Curiously, with the tree gone my backyard now looks much bigger. Lots of grief + money spent = Illusion of space.

All in all, it’s been a pretty crazy week. I just hope those vandals don’t return to mark their spot on our beautiful home again.