Baby & Kids Market – A Whole New World.

Posted on October 12, 2009


Photobucket Hello, I hope you are all well.

Michele and I spent the entire weekend being thoroughly brain-washed by baby products at the Baby & Kids Market. It’s a market that doesn’t have a permanent base; instead it goes to your local suburb on a particular weekend day and you are most likely to find it in your town hall or community centre.

So enthusiastic we were, we went to the Saturday (10th) market in Coburg and somehow made our way to Croydon (!) on Sunday (11th). Along the way, we spent a couple of hundred dollars and had a little chuckle to ourselves as we wondered how much we would have spent had we purchased the products first hand.

It’s an awesome concept that, unless you are about to become a parent yourself, will fly under your radar as it’s not something that one looks out for in the papers. I was surprised how massively popular this alternate universe is, as there were hundreds of parents besieging the fifty odd stalls on each day.

One would think some form of security was needed to shepherd the crown and maintain the order. Rather, everyone was civil, polite and though anxious to score a great bargain, were an absolute joy to deal with. Between bargaining and the wheelings and dealings, I realised I am a complete noob at parenthood and would probably do better attempting the Kokoda Trail blind.

We absolutely fell in love with the pre-loved baby products which were mostly in excellent/as new condition. After all, parents would not jeopardise the safety and hygiene of their child, so why would they do the same to products they are selling?

As I speak, I have already put aside a little corner for the baby products and sat down looking at my finances. It’s not going to be cheap!

Oh Baby oh Baby, you are charting new worlds for Mommy and Daddy to explore. Our ship is riding the waves rudderless and we are without a Captain. But we can’t wait to see land! We can’t wait to see you!

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