The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 1 (week 16)

Posted on October 19, 2009


Why hello there. How was your weekend? Michele and I had an eventful weekend, visiting friends, did some maternity clothes shopping (thank you credit card) and caught the Bruce Beresford masterpiece, Mao’s Last Dancer.

Michele’s belly is really beginning to show now, so I’ve decided to take pictures of her every fortnight to chronicle her expanding – and very sexy – tummy line.

A profile picture I had put up on Facebook two weeks ago got more than its fair share of attention from friends and family, so I’ve decided to put that up as Michele’s first belly pic. Come to think of it, I reckon I look 16 weeks myself!


She’s also been lamenting how she doesn’t like how she looks in the mirror and the word ‘fat’ now sits permanently entrenched in her vocabulary. Babe I don’t know what mirror you’re looking at, but all I see is a stunning woman who’s glowing and becoming more womanly with each passing day.

Now well into her second trimester, I was happy to see the backside of 4AM kitchen raids and morning sickness. It got a little frustrating as a husband, watching her bent over double as she explores the inner sanctums of the toilet bowl with great intimacy as I was completely helpless to alleviate her suffering.

Michele now has lots of trouble sleeping. Four hours of good sleep is what she normally gets, and getting up at 3AM to find an incapacitated husband next to her results in more tossing and turning.

And this just in, she was complaining about how difficult it is to move in bed. Turn, baby, turn. Okay I jest…