The best invention in the world!

Posted on October 27, 2009


Hello, I hope you have all been well.

My airconditioning units – busy collecting road tolls from the number of times I’ve walked past them sitting pretty in their boxes – have been put out of their idle misery as they are currently being installed.

About damn time too, I might add, with the oppressive heat of summer around the corner. I don’t think Michele would like carrying around an extra 15kg around her waist in a 50 degree house.

I doubt Baby would fancy leaving the watery cave that is the womb too. Although, it does put a new spin on the term ‘bun in the oven’!


Hole in the wall - who needs a window?!!

And if you, like me, love the cool of the faux air caressing your sun-kissed skin in summer, say it along with me:

“The air con is the best invention in the world!”