The Birthing Of A Singaporean Father: Adventures In Conception

Posted on October 29, 2009



Now I won’t normally admit to this, but for a few weeks I found sex boring. Yes, SEX WAS BORING. It became mechanical, stoic and I was doing the ‘thang’ through rote-learning.

Hello there.

My new fortnightly piece on becoming a father has been published on theAsianParent (TAP). Between getting back on the writing team again and having a regular ‘column’, I have been really busy with advancements in my day job, writing for TAP and making sure The Marching Jester isn’t neglected.

Then again, I’d much rather be busy as being busy is good.

While I enjoy writing, it does come with several downsides when your real name is published.

Firstly it’s my anonymity. My ‘cover’ is now blown. If you, loyal readers of The Marching Jester, have even a slight modicum of curiosity my name now turns up as a Google search result.

That is just…freaky. No online handles, no moniker, no obscure references.

Just plain unadulterated me with no artificial flavourings. Batteries not included (I had to include that!).

Secondly my nationality has now been revealed. Shock gasp horror! I guess I’ll just have to throw in a smattering of Singlish and pidgin colloquialisms into my daily vocabulary.

No, let’s not. Ever.