Posted on November 1, 2009


Against Michele’s wishes I have decided to grow a ‘mo to celebrate the wonderful cause that is Movember.

I reckon I would really have to had grown my ‘mo from last November to participate; such is the sad state of my un-hairyness. Bar a few exceptions, Asians really have the short end of the hairy stick. We simply do not have facial hair.

The last time I attempted to grow a ‘mo, I went three weeks without a shave and I looked a little like an abandoned kids’ sandpit that has the odd blade of green growing.

Oh yes, you had better believe it. With such embarrassing riches, I might need a stiff drink to muster enough courage to walk out into the world. Who knows what people might think if they have to come up real close to spot facial hair, when it’s meant to be seen from a mile away!

I’ll keep a regular update on my sandpit. Perhaps I might just build a little sandcastle, hide a bone in it and gasp in fake astonishment when Toby finds it.