Cup Day with a polar bear

Posted on November 5, 2009


Hi there, I hope your extended weekend has been kind to you. Did you win at the races?

My family – that’s myself, Michele, Toby and Baby (still getting used to saying that!) – went over to Sarah’s for a house warming-cum-Cup Day barbie at their beautiful home in Glenroy. I reckon they did very well for the size and amount of renovation needed. Michele would say the same herself.

Of course, that meant an arvo with Sarah’s groodle, Lexie. When she visited several months ago, I was able to manhandle her and pick her up. She was slightly larger than Toby and from far, the two playful dogs looked a lot like frolicking teddy bears.

Fast forward to November and what greeted me was a monster! A polar bear! A four-legged frosty teddy! A water-guzzling, bone-chewing, tail-nipping terror!

The Great White Terror!

Well I’m glad I never have to deal with a dog this size! Toby feels the same way too, as he spent the entire arvo rejecting Lexie’s amorous advances! Which man would date someone bigger than himself, let alone six times his size!!?