Sandeep has left the building

Posted on November 11, 2009


Hello everybody, I hope you have all been well.

A very eventful three months has passed since my good mate Sandeep Fed-Exed himself from interstate with a view to settle in Melbourne permanently. Since then he has had a few funny moments with the intricacies of Melburnian culture and found both his footing and an opulent new pad in the inner North. He moved out last week.

But what memorable moments they were! Let me count the ways.

My Best Man has negotiated the perils of Melbourne’s public transport, found himself on the right street but in the wrong suburb, and fallen in love with Melbourne’s weather (“Oh look, overcast and cold again!”).

His sense of direction has been put to good use, as he has also begun to orientate himself with the CBD grid with not much luck (No, Exhibition and Collins aren’t parallel to each other), spends most of his free time cleaning bird shit off his new car (Welcome to Melbourne!) and spends most of his free time wondering why Michele and I eat such ‘good’ food for dinner.

We’ve also put our musical talents to good use and sang our hearts out at home, hijacked cars in Liberty City and looked like a lovely gay couple taking Toby out for a walk in the morning.

With Sandeep just a freeway away, our house is now a little quieter, but for all the right reasons. With Baby soon arriving, we have begun to plan how its new room (previously guest room) would look.

Until then, Michele and I (and Toby!) just have these few months to ourselves . Things will never be the same again with Baby at home, so we’ll take in all the extra sleep and peace in however way we can.