Movember Update 1

Posted on November 12, 2009



Day 11 of Movember - absolutely no 'mo' to shout about. Pathetic.

So I’ve been growing my ‘mo’ since November 1.

This, in spite of incessant pleas by Michele to shave them as I’ll look horrible in them. Apparently, she’s wrong.

When we went out for lunch with Sandeep over the weekend, I asked him for his unequivocal opinion on what I thought was quite a charming addition to my facial features. Hello, Asian with facial hair here. Certified Herald Sun front page news. Frames my face, no?

To Michele’s dismay, Sandeep quite positively liked it! He went on to say it’s not something he had pictured me doing, but it suits me as long as it stays that length. He couldn’t resist a jab at the pathetic state of my growth, and said what took me a week to grow, takes him three days.

Hey, thanks mate. Your reassuring vote of confidence inspires me.