The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 3 (week 20)

Posted on November 12, 2009


Good morning, and this is your regular belly news.

At 20 weeks, Michele now displays a couple of physical changes that’s really testing her body. As a result, she’s in a great deal of physical pain and discomfort.

Her ankles and feet have begun to swell, making any homo sapiens activity with an upright posture a menial task. Called oedema, it’s exacerbated by Michele’s duties at work which requires her to stand on hours at end.

PhotobucketI am quite the busy little bee at home, scampering around completing Michele’s tasks as she rests on the lounge. Things she normally does herself becomes a bit of a chore, such as walking up the stairs, doing the dishes or even taking a shower.

She has also found it difficult to bend over to wash her feet when she showers, so I’ve purchased a stool and a non-slip mat and placed them in the shower stall to prevent a top-heavy Michele from falling over. Now, she showers sitting down.

Just this week Michele had to take a couple of days off just to relieve the pressure from her feet. She spent both days in front of the telly – legs propped up on a safari chair – as she ‘ordered’ me around the house to complete A, B and C or take X to Y. Oh joy.

She’s still throwing up on odd occasions, but the nausea is mostly reserved for strong smells she can’t stomach. Apart from that, I no longer find myself freezing up in public looking for the nearest public toilet whenever she turns green.