The Baby…It’s…It’s alive!!!

Posted on November 23, 2009


Something happened this week when it shouldn’t really be happening. I don’t know whether it’s chance, an oddity or a little bit of both.

I felt Baby move over the weekend. My hand was firmly on Michele’s beautiful belly when it happened. Not once, not twice, but many times over.

Over the last three or four weeks Michele has begun to feel Baby moving inside of her. Sometimes, when she sits up or shifts position quickly she feels the ‘water balloon’ inside her move and is able to feel Baby doing a 360 degrees.

B-b-b-b-b-basketball! Michele reckons her tummy looks like one.

Most times Baby just shifts or does whatever it wants to do inside and Michele feels every little movement. When asked how it feels, she says it’s a like “a bubble moving across your belly” when it moves. A kick feels like a kick, a punch feels like a punch.

Doesn’t that hurt?! “No, not at all,” she quips.

At times she looks like she’s prodding it really hard. “Don’t hurt the Baby!” I’ll exclaim in half-seriousness.

She has also discovered that by prodding her belly, Baby responds by prodding/kicking back. Michele enjoys it so much she has coined a name for this little game.

Called ‘Kick Baby Kick!’, Baby and Michele responds to each other’s prodding, especially when encouraged by Michele’s cries of “kick Baby kick!”. Baby enjoys this so much, it gets up in the middle of the night for seconds and thirds. Not that Michele minds it; the sleep she loses is incomparable to the mother-child ‘bonding’ she craves for.

Several times now, Baby has also let me in on the game. On days when Baby’s particularly naughty, Michele grabs my hand and places it on her belly. She’ll proceed to poke her belly and say ‘kick Baby kick!’ hoping Baby responds by poking back in the same spot.

And I have felt it. Oh boy have I ever! It felt like a dull thud, like the reverberations on your feet when a small rubber ball bounces off timber flooring. It’s the most beautiful thing ever. I don’t know what Baby’s trying to tell me, but all I can hear is ‘Let me out! Hello Daddy!’.

EDIT (12 hours later): Michele has seen this blog post and wasn’t too pleased with the unflattering shot of her. Sorry Babe!