The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 4 (week 22)

Posted on November 23, 2009


Hi there, and welcome to your fornightly belly update.

'The Burden of the Burgeoning Belly', brought to you by the letter 'B'.

While munching on a salad last week, Michele’s gums began to bleed. For a brief moment I thought Michele’s teeth – due to calcium deficiencies caused by the pregnancy – had fallen out and I was about to cheer and do the Kumbayah.

As it turned out, it’s just a common side effect. I couldn’t do much myself, so apart from stopping to check on her I didn’t think too much about it.

Baby’s also beginning to be more aware of its surroundings. It kicks and punches back when prodded, it rolls around when Michele’s eating and it practically does star jumps when she eats ice cream. Baby must like ice cream.

I reckon Baby’s having lots of fun in there. It’s like living in a perpetual state of Zorb. Michele and I went to Rotorua, New Zealand for our honeymoon and had a memorable time rolling down the hill in a wet, bouncing ball for twenty seconds. It cost us $40/person. Try doing that for nine months. Damn, that’s one expensive ride!

Looking rapt after attempting the Zorb. Don't think Baby's going to look too pleased when it's forced out of its own Zorb!

Michele’s walk has also officially become a waddle. I like teasing the way she walks. Instead of aping her movements, I exaggerate the way I swing my hands when I walk. She doesn’t know it but I reckon she looks really cute with the waddle.

We are also a little over the ‘halfway’ point of our exciting journey. I can’t believe in another 20 (or so) weeks’ time, Baby will be in my arms, demanding ice cream, creature comforts and telling Toby it’s now the Number One Priority.

But let’s take it a week at a time. Long way to go Baby! Daddy can’t wait to see you but you would have to grow big and strong inside Mummy first!