The Birthing Of A Singaporean Father: Adventures In Conception (Part Deux)

Posted on November 25, 2009



There’s a stage in a man’s life where he steps up the pedestal, plunges his hand into a Balrog’s body and rips out its still beating heart. As he stands there triumphantly with Balrog heart held aloft his head, he wishes for the world to see his heroic deed and demands the accolades he so deserves.

His transition from boy to man is now complete.

If that, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t an apt description of my feelings on discovering I’m about to become a father, I have three eyes and a diaper-wearing married man who still lives with his mother.

The second in my series on becoming a father has been published on theAsianParent.

Personally, I really love the reference to the Balrog. It doesn’t matter what your background is – everybody loves medieval fantasy. I’m currently clocking up hours on the epic Dragon Age: Origins (much to Michele’s chagrin) and perhaps that’s where my inspiration came from.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how a Balrog looks. Just the work Balrog itself screams fierce and scary. And it starts with B – perhaps the alphabet’s fiercest letter. Rawr!

Anyway, check out the new article. Leave a comment!