Toby In Echuca

Posted on November 26, 2009


The family went up to Echuca over the weekend. We have family friends up in Echuca and as it’s not the first time we’ve been up there, it’s familiar territory for us.

I thought Toby might like a slice of country action, so I brought him along. He’s quite a well-travelled dog. I reckon his passport would look quite full and indicate a who’s who of Victorian attractions – The Great Ocean Road, Daylesford, practically all of Melbourne inner city and now, the border of Victoria and New South Wales. If a dog is reading this, it would want to be my dog too.

Really it was all about a relaxing weekend. Didn’t even do much browsing in the shops. It was Nature + Sleep + Eat = Remembering what life was before the advent of the Internet. It was great not having to stare at a screen for hours on end, or worry about anything computer-related.

Just all in a weekend's work for Toby!