My New Car

Posted on November 27, 2009


My New Car in Echuca, along the Murray River. Because introducing My New Car against an urban backdrop just wouldn't do it justice.

Hello there, I hope you have all been well.

My family has a new car. Or rather, I have a new car. I say ‘I’ because between Michele and I, I’m still the only one who has a drivers. It’s a 2009 Honda Jazz VTI. It’s pearly white, it’s efficient and it has made me wonder why I have waited over a decade to learn how to drive.

Friends of mine (shame on you if you haven’t had a chance to catch up with me over the last three months!) would have known I’ve only recently gotten my Ps in September. Since then I’ve been surprising all my friends and family with the car through various guises.

I’ve driven up to their house when they fully expect me to call to be picked up. I’ve walked and driven friends home around in my car after a meal when they expect me to see them off at the train station. I’ve taken friends to my car after informing them of a ‘surprise’ just around the corner. I’ve surprised friends by meeting friends while stillin my car; ferried people around; taken people three hours across Victoria and even did the grocery run for friends.

In fact, I’ve done just about anything and everything to make my friends go “Oh my God you’ve got a car!” The look on their faces is priceless. They just don’t expect it. So many years in Melbourne and everyone has been conditioned to me without a car.

I can’t keep up the deceit and charades anymore. I’ve been driving for over two months now and the earlier I rid this burden off my chest, the better I sleep at night.

So yes, I drive. Make sure you toot your horn when you see me on the streets.