Planz schmanz – Wedding plans revisited (the photography)

Posted on December 2, 2009


Hi all, I hope you have been well.

Our wedding might have been over half a year ago, but memories of it will always be fond. It was a beautiful day, and rightfully so. Michele and I will always look back on that day and cry. I’ll even tell my grandchildren that in fifty years’ time.

All kinds of stirring emotions were brought back when we finally picked up our wedding album. These days, wedding albums are all about style over price, and most couples pull out all the stops to ensure the photography is worth the whole shebang.

Until I get the digital copies, a wide shot of our wedding album would have to suffice!

Ours was no different. We went with a less commercially-known photographer, Zita Kiss. Well, that’s her name as well, and when a wedding photographer names the business after herself, you’d know you’re not going to get a runner. Zita’s all pro, is great to deal with and doesn’t muck around. Her Hungarian accent’s a big seller too.

That means she’s not a photographer you wouldn’t have met until your wedding day. Or a photographer who doesn’t speak English.

I say this as someone who has had wedding studio experience, and wish to warn couples out there shopping for a photographer. Many companies still front their shops with a faceless manager, who only cares about volume of sales and recommending a higher priced package. On the wedding day itself, a photographer – whom the couple has never seen or have built a relationship with – turns up, does his job and leaves.

If it comes as a shock to you, it’s not. There are companies who practice that like a anti-wedding zealot, and I’m saying that as someone who had a quick snippet of the industry through rose-tinted glasses.

What’s worse, many of these photographers are sent out based on the package they’ve bought. The more experienced photographers are only sent out for more expensive packages. Risk a more popular – and cheaper – package and on your wedding day you have a fumbling uni student who possibly speaks no English, doesn’t know how to be involved and worst of all, takes the most horrible shots.

But enough of that.

Michele and I would put our wedding album up on display in our lounge. After all, why keep it hidden away in a dusty cellar when you’ve paid so much for it? It’s meant to be seen!

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