A (almost) White Christmas in Australia

Posted on December 10, 2009


Hello everybody, I hope you are all well.

It has been a pretty strange December for Melburnians. Weather-wise, at least. We are right smack in the middle of summer yet we’re getting 11 degrees nights and 15 degrees days. That, and torrential rain fall state-wide.

As if to insult my accurate weather report, my family survived a slow roast thanks to our ‘Best invention in the world’ when Victoria copped an entire week of 36 degrees days right on the tail end of Spring. Spring!

I’ve spoken to my northern hemisphere counterparts and those who’ve never ventured this far south of the Capricorn always suggest surprise at the thought of a 45 degree Christmas Day. Mostly, they are just your local version of the bogans who possess no passport, have never been out of their state or feel it’s a huge deal just travelling to the state capital. Oh yes, I do have friends like them. All thanks to the marvel of the Internet and online gaming.

So what are your plans this Christmas? A traditional Aussie Christmas has the family all together, sharing a seafood barbie at home, which might preclude a trip to the local beach. The men standing on one end, beer bottle in one hand and pocket in the other, while the women fuss over the children and latest Hollywood goss. Psst, apparently Chris Brown has a British accent. How strange, young lad. Fancy a bubble and squeak?

Michele and I will be getting our baby room ready by converting our plain guest room into a dreamy universe where the sun, flowers and rabbits inhabit this beautiful land. We’ll be painting the room a neutral colour, owing mostly to our decision not to find out the sex of our baby.

I’ll also be working right through the Christmas break. Extra money will come in handy next year when Michele goes on maternity leave. It’s really hard juggling finances when you’re a young couple with massive overheads. It is completely unfathomable to singles or young unmarried adults, the money that’s siphoned off by institutions when you’re trying to set up a new family. Sometimes I do wish I had been more frugal and mature in my younger days by putting aside even 5% of my allowance/salary away for my future family.

But with responsibility comes maturity. A new father or mother just accepts whatever is thrown at the family, and does whatever it takes for the family to survive. Sure, Michele and I still dabble in a bit of indulgence here and there but those are few and far between. Most importantly, we have to ensure there’s food on the table, we’ve not fallen back on payments and we can sleep easy at night when we lay our weary heads.

Well look at me, getting all reflective. Time spent unwisely here on the blog, when I could be spending my time on more worthwhile things.

Back to my PS3, I guess.