An ear for music

Posted on December 16, 2009


Hi all, have you all been well?

They say by around the 22th week babies have developed ears that are functional enough to hear what’s going on around them. Michele and I decided to put it to the test. We have just purchased an iPod Touch (RIP, Creative Zen 2005 – 2009) for my mobile music needs and had several hours to ourselves on Monday night.

We both have a background in classical instruments,  so we reckon Baby’s got a little bit of August Rush going on in its grey matter. After struggling to find a comfortable position for herself, I had the iPod Touch positioned against Michele’s belly so Baby gets the best surround sound in its nice, warm womb.

I imagine it must be pretty comfortable in there, all gooey and dark. Baby gets to roll around, does little tumbles and spins around just to get Michele’s attention.

I’ve only turned away for a minute when Michele squealed in delight. Baby was moving around in the belly. It must enjoy the sudden break of silence. Baby enjoys the music!

Michele’s also been encouraging me to talk to Baby. There’s something about talking to a mound of flesh that’s strangely, endearing. Just knowing beneath your wife’s belly is your Baby, your progeny, your flesh and blood makes me feel all loving and cozy. It’s like eating marshmallows with hot chocolate – warm, fuzzy and…nice. (for the lack of a basic superlative.)

Most times, I just have my palms firmly on the belly and just say whatever comes to my mind. Yesterday I asked Baby if it had fun with Mommy and Daddy (we had spent the evening out in Ikea) and reminded Baby the voice it hears is Daddy’s voice.

I always tell Baby that I cannot wait to see it, and both of us will be good mates and I’m the coolest Daddy in this whole, wide world.

But before all of that, there’s still the music. We’ll definitely be playing music for Baby as often as we can. We had meant to do it yesterday but we both dozed off on the couch after dinner and remained there throughout the entire night. Michele’s bladder had to go at 5am, and she woke up to find the lights still on, our crusty half-eaten dinner on the tray and Toby wondering what the hell is going on.

We think Baby’s wondering the same too.