The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 6 (week 26)

Posted on December 17, 2009


Hello, how is everyone?

Michele’s belly has now gotten so huge, I can no longer lie on her. Actually, I haven’t been on top of her (no dirty thoughts here ha!) for many weeks  now. At best, I could just lay my hand on it, a book or a half eaten pizza.

Most times, I just have both my hands cupped around her belly as I start talking silly with Baby. I know Baby’s able to hear music, so I’m pretty darn sure it can hear my voice. In fact, once when I was talking to Baby – alternating between my lips and ears on the belly – it kicked me right in the face! How rude! Baby’s got a bit of an attitude! Must have come from myself.

A growing belly aside, Michele’s belly button is beginning to look a little like a crumbly biscuit that’s been soaked in Milo for about 10 seconds. The edges of the belly button are visibly rising – almost like a self raising flour, ha! – and I reckon it’s the cutest thing on the belly right now. It’s a little soggy, it’s a little firm and when I prod it really firmly Michele says it tickles.

The belly is now big enough to notice movements within. Michele likens Baby moving inside to playing football as there’s lots of kicking, dribbling, feints and skillful movements. A future Socceroo? Or Matilda?

In fact, Baby seems to move far more actively after Michele has consumed any kind of sweet, sugary food. I’ve seen it myself – the belly bounces, a little dart here and a little poke there. Crikeys, what is going on in there!?