2009 – A year in review

Posted on December 31, 2009


Hello, I hope you are all well.

So it has come to this. 2009 came and went. I will fondly remember 2009 as a firsts of many things, but beneath all the firsts – and dwarfing every other events in the year – was the regular income I was finally getting  from a proper paying job due to my new status as a Australian Temporary Resident. Without this regular income I would not have been able to save for our wedding, our house, loans and whatever hidden monies that rears its ugly head.

I was also finally recognised by the Australian Government as somebody who contributed to the country not just as a tax-payer, but also as a morally upstanding man. I finally had a Medicare card and was given the same medical rights as Joe Blow next door. No longer was I just another cash cow, milked for all its worth by the Government to keep their state universities running.

Those days of filing, making cold calls, flipping burgers and waiting for a call from recruitment centres due to work visa restrictions while paying off a mortgage and loans will long be remembered as a blip on my radar. It won’t be forgotten, but they’re stories I’ll reserve for my children when I’m much older. My children must know how difficult Michele and I had it just to establish a new life here in a new country with no family support whatsoever.

That said, 2009 was also the year Michele and I tied the nuptial knot. Too much has been mentioned in the months leading up to and after the March wedding, but I feel there’s always so much more to say. It’s a special moment in our ordinary lives and we were glad to share with it with about 75 special friends and family (a few flapheads who called themselves ‘friends’ and ‘family’ not withstanding).

2009 was also the year I turned 30, got my Ps and bought our (and my) first car.

Our home copped a fair bit this year when it was almost broken into, defaced with graffiti and was very nearly flattened by our tree in the backyard.

My good mate and Best Man at our wedding, Sandeep moved to Melbourne for work and lived with us for several months. He then decided Melbourne is too lovely a city to pass up on. So instead of heading back to Brisbane where he’s based, he found a decent apartment in Brunswick with his girlfriend and decided I’m too sexy a friend to live away from. It’s good to have an old friend living in the same city as you are.

Of course, 2009 was also the year Michele and I discovered we are about to become parents. Our wedding aside the little baby news is probably the most exciting thing happening in our simple lives.

It truly has been a wonderful year for Michele, myself and Toby. It hasn’t always been the best, but we somehow got by.

2010 will be a better year for us. With Baby due soon, my beautiful family looks forward to more bizzaros, weirdos and fascinating insights into The Marching Jester.