Bloody Stools

Posted on January 4, 2010


I woke up this morning, let Toby out into the backyard for his morning Number One and Two and went back in for my usual cup of coffee.

I headed back out after breakfast to pick up his Number Two, and found a trail of bloody splotches and stools in Toby’s usual relief spots.

Concerned, I checked Toby’s bum to find some dried blood and stool remains. It’s unlike Toby to have a bad tummy, but anything could have gotten in there considering what Toby ingests in the backyard while we’re not there to supervise him. He’s still his usual self – playing fetch and chasing anything that moves –  and isn’t vomiting or showing physical signs of illness.

Dogs will be dogs, and there’s only so much his monthly Advocate parasite protection will do. It’s time for his annual checkup anyway.

Time for a trip to the vet!